Think Well

The V.O.M.

The other day was hectic – as usual. I barely got breakfast, didn’t get lunch, and although I was on my way home, when I stopped for gas I was ravenous. I scoured the convenience store for something to take the edge off when I spied the chocolate chip cookies. I bought one. It was a diet victory. Specifically, it was a VOM. Despite our best efforts, there are times when hunger or tiredness or even just flavor get the best of us and we choose to indulge in something that isn’t necessarily our best. But we can still turn these times into victories. VOM. Victory Over Marketing. The cookies in the convenience store were selling at 3 cookies for a dollar, or 59 cents each. There was a time when I would have chosen to get the best monetary value. The problem is that, according to several studies, people eat what is in front of them regardless of the quantity. I was actually hungry enough to eat 3 cookies. But I didn’t. Because I ignored the marketing and only bought one. In the quest to be your best self, it’s important to remember that our choices are still ours. We don’t have to buy in quantities that aren’t good for us if we don’t want to. It’s perfectly fine to just get what you need – even if the salespeople cajole you in disbelief when you do. It’s your life – and even when you choose to do what isn’t best, you don’t have to do the worst.