Think Well

Your Best Self – The Return

By Katryna Starks

If you’ve been following, you might have noticed the new look of the site.  I loved the pink pastel, but it was time to update.  Now that I’ve submitted my thesis, it’s time for me to update as well.  In the wake of the redesign, I’ve looked over some past articles and realized that I need to take my own advice.  The articles I most need to reincorporate into my life have been scheduled to appear on the front page over the next few months to reinvigorate me (and you!) as we go into the new year.

So, we’ll be revisiting how to push back against the pull of marketing, how to craft your perfect wardrobe, and how to indulge your sweet tooth with nature, but not sugar.  I’m also testing out a new wellness plan, and a journal to go with it.  Thank you for following along so far, and keep watching this space for amazing things. In the meantime, Treat Yourself Well.

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