At YourBestSelf.com, the emphasis is on YOU.

We want to help you be the best you – and help you decide what that means.
We won’t ever set your priorities – we help you set them.
We don’t place your goals – we help you discover them.
Whether you read our pages and get inspired to change, or learn to accept who you already are, we’ve done our job.

Treat Yourself Well

Note from the Editor:

This is NOT a fitness blog.  It’s a wellness blog. I do talk about fitness quite bit, as that is my personal struggle. But, this is a place to talk about more.  Being fit doesn’t make you ‘your best self’, it just makes you ‘your fittest self’.  The category for eating are around not just nutrition for fitness, but nutrition for wellness. We’re at our best when we have the proper nutrients and we understand how foods affect our moods.  The category for moving is about moving to make you feel good, not just to make you thin.  The category for thinking is about enriching your mind, heart and soul as well as your body. The category for healing is about helping you feel as optimal as you can while acknowledging that ‘your best’ is not the same as everyone else’s.

I have an M.S. in psychology, with an emphasis on health psychology.  This is the place where I talk about what I have learned, in ways that are hopefully helpful to you.  This is not a place of judgement, but a place of compassion. This is a place where understanding when to rest is just as important as understanding when to push.  And to remember that you have a whole life – you may very well be pushing in one are and resting in another.  That s why this space is called “YOUR” best self and not “THE” best self. It’s about you!  Enjoy the journey.

Katryna Starks



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