Eat Well

Great Recipes on a Budget!

Leanne Brown, a food studies scholar, encountered a problem. She noticed that people on government food assistance (food stamps) were not eating healthfully. She calculated the average food allowance at $4 a day, and set about a challenge. Create great-tasting, healthful recipes within that $4 budget. From her website: “I think everyone should eat great… Read More Great Recipes on a Budget!

Eat Well

School Burgers Have 26 Ingredients

We all recently learned that ammonia-treated beef, aka “pink slime”, was served in school burgers. But what else is in there? NPR’s Allison Aubrey explains it all in Tiny Desk Kitchen. Watch and learn!

Think Well

The V.O.M.

By Katryna Starks The other day was hectic – as usual. I barely got breakfast, didn’t get lunch, and although I was on my way home, when I stopped for gas I was ravenous. I scoured the convenience store for something to take the edge off when I spied the chocolate chip cookies. I bought… Read More The V.O.M.